About Us Vince Chiu April 22, 2019

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At Digital Dumpling, we strongly believe in deeply immersing our clients throughout the entire creative process. Whether it’s a quick photoshoot or a full-blown cinema production, we understand that a holistic and collaborative approach with every customer will yield the best possible finished product.

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High-quality digital content is a necessity. At Digital Dumpling, we take this a step further by wholly understanding your brand identity and imbuing that into every step of the process to bring your brand to life. Exceeding your expectations is our standard.

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The editing studio is where we bring your vision to life. Whether it’s the perfect blend of exhilarating sound design and mood-enhancing color grading to turn a video into a work of art, or a high-end photo retouch coupled with exacting color adjustments, you can trust that we will do whatever is necessary to surpass your expectations. Our expertise in video & photo post production enables us to transform the raw files into your very own masterpiece.

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Hey, I’m Calvin, and it’s nice to meet you! I began my artistic journey as a portrait photographer, expanded into lifestyle and product photography, and eventually picked up cinematography as my main focus. My artistic style is heavily influenced by the hundreds of visual references that Alex sends me every week (seriously, that man is an endless supply of references, haha). Recently I’ve grown very interested in beautiful scenery and I can’t wait to start incorporating them into my work! I’m a big (home) gym freak who loves calisthenics and weighting, but I’m an even bigger foodie and can eat practically anything – Sushi, Korean BBQ, Mediterranean, you name it! An interesting fact about myself is that I share the same birthday as my older (yet inferior) brother, Vince.

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Hey, I am Vince. I usually stay behind the scenes to focus on company operations and let Calvin and the team play with their toys, I mean create their magic. But you will find me behind the camera when it comes to automotive or architectural photography.  I am a huge foodie and will try just about everything, but I absolutely hate pineapples.

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Hey, I’m Alex, the one who makes your ideas come to life. I am a Cinemaholic and a walking talking library of movie references. I let my work do the talking and hope you enjoy them.

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Hello, I’m Mitch. I dropped out of college to pursue photography with my focus on storytelling through portraiture and high-fashion lifestyle photography. I try to pull inspiration from anywhere and everywhere: music, movies, social media, and pretty much anything that you’d see on a typical day outdoors (i.e. nature). Whenever I go location scouting I look at how the lighting hits a certain area, then I envision what I can create within that space. From there, I build a mental list of who I want to shoot, what outfits they should wear, and what poses I think would work best. Aside from photography, I am interested in sports (basketball), gaming (used to be a heavy gamer), parkour, and music. Oh, and I can throw a backflip and destroy anyone in an ice cream eating contest.

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